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Inquisitor is a blog that is run by inquisitive people who are enthusiastic about their different domains. Here we provide every new update and information related to technology, lifestyle, and health care, and every latest update and review about the web series and movies on various OTT platforms, with case studies of startups and successful people.

As you can see there are various niches on Inquisitor. Inquisitor provides you enough different niches to write on. So, if you are inquisitive enough to write about any one of niche or topic of your own interest you can write and send your article to us. We’ll publish it after doing few checks.

Our agenda is to make it a place where anyone can come and share their thoughts and learning experience through writing for absolutely free.

Why should you write for us?

Writing for inquisitor may help you to start your own journey as a freelancer. Besides this, you will get quality do-follow backlinks for your own blog. Inquisitor doesn’t only provide you do-follow backlinks, it is also giving you a chance to get featured in your article on our blog for absolutely free! free! free!. Also, it’ll help you to gain some additional social media followers. Writing for us will also help you in your writing career.

How can you write?

You can simply write on any trending topic or discuss your topic via mail. You can reach us at [email protected].

If you’re quite sure that your post isn’t published anywhere before and completely plagiarism-free, then you can simply post it. We’ll publish it after checking.

Your article must be plagiarism-free and have more than 600 words. Also, use only copyright-free images.

You can write an article for absolutely free if you won’t add any links in your article.


  1. Write 5 blog post and become a authorised contributor of Inquisitor
  2. If your 5 post published then after this, you’ll be writing article as your name.
  3. Writing with your name can create a work history for you and also you may get many freelencing opportunities.
  4. You’ll recieve a bumper cash reward and gifts from our team once you published 30 optimised articles on Inquisitor.
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