What to do when bored ?

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Boredom is the most inescapable feeling. When we feel bored, we struggle to find things which we can do while having fun. You already have read all the novels and now they don’t seem to be interesting, nothing looks good on television or any web series attracts you much, and now you are completely stuck in those boring hours and now you wonder when to do when bored. And then you end your search for this article. This article will suggest several things you can do and to answer your question- What to do when bored?

what do when bored
You can play some games that you used to play in your childhood to relive those moments.

Try some fun games

What’s the best way to pass your free time other than playing games which are fun and at the same time benefit your mind and body? You can try some outdoor and indoor games. Moreover, try some games you used to play in your childhood.  For something new, try some brain games. It will be fun and helps to boost your brain power. 

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If you are getting bored, put on your favourite song and dance the way you love. Dancing is not only fun, but it also helps to increase metabolism. You can sing the song along and just find yourself lost in your own world.

Pick up a new skill

Whatever you do, there is always a space for personal growth. To make your free time extra productive, start learning a new skill you always wanted to. Luckily, we are in an era where almost everything is available online. You can also try learning new languages, new dishes or new hobbies.

Self care

You often ignore self care due to your busy schedule. You can make different skin packs, hair masks and clean up facepacks. However, apart from these, give yourself some “me time”. Spend some time with yourself.

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Try painting and sketching

Try making some drawings and sketches while you are bored. Even if you’re not good at it, give it a try. It improves creativity and memory. Moreover, it improves problem solving skills and lessens negative emotions. It reduces stress and improves emotions management.

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Go for a walk

Go for a walk and notice nature and things around you. Spend some time with nature without any technological eruptions. 

Practice meditation and yoga

You can practise yoga and meditate in your free time to get its various benefits. It not only relaxes the body, but provides mental peace. Practise deep breathing, stretching and mindfulness.

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If you often get free time, find places where you can volunteer. Use your free time to help and serve others. You can join an NGO, visit an orphanage or old age homes or join with any social organisation. This will help you pass your free time with a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

Listen to podcasts

You can listen to any podcasts that you like. It makes us more creative to imagine things by listening. They are multitask friendly, you can listen to it while doing other work too.

Write down few notes for love ones

If you have free time, invest it in writing some notes for your loved ones. People truly appreciate the written notes in this era of text and emails. So, do write some and make them feel special. Write about your beautiful memories you share, Your favourite one and some funny incidents.

All of us feel bored when we have nothing to do and no one to talk to. However, there are many ways by which we can spend that time benefiting us in some way or the other.

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When I feel bored , I remember your articles and come to inquisitor to read them!

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Your articles speak, so we can’t get bored. Keep writing !

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