What is TRP? How is TRP calculated?

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What is TRP and how TRP is calculated? Let’s know everything about it! Do you know secret news about the high TRP of Republic Bharat? What happened then? How do they manipulate it?

What was the exact reason behind it?

So to solve this riddle, we first need to understand

What is TRP?

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TRP is nothing but a Television Rating Program. The television rating Program of any channel or program depends on the number of times the program is displayed.

It gives an accurate index of people’s choices of different locations that shows the popularity of a particular program.

This data is beneficial for advertisers because it gives them an authentic audience to run their ads. Every media agency always tries its best to increase its TRP.

As you know, once Republic TV was accused of TRP manipulation, but it was fake, and they were not accused, which is confirmed by Mumbai Police.

Methods given by INTAM

There are two methods given by INTAM(Indian Television Audience Measurement) to calculate it:-

  1. People meters devices are installed in some selected homes to calculate the TRP. These gadgets record data about the channel or program watched by the family members or selected people. This data is later analyzed by the agency to create national TRP data of various TV channels and TV programs.
  2. Another method is picture matching where the people meter records a small portion of the picture that is being watched on the TV. This data is collected from a set of homes in the form of pictures and later on is analyzed to calculate the TRPs.

In this way, the TRP of every program and channel is calculated. Last week, the Television Rating Programs rating of one of the most-watched tv channels Star Plus was 627k and Sony Sub holds the second position with 424K ratings among Urban Hindi channels.

What is your favorite program? Try to find out the TRP of it! And let us know in the comment box below:

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