How to avoid sleeping naturally

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Due to our busy lifestyle, sometimes we experience sleep disorder. As a result, we feel sleepy and restless all day. People often wonder how to avoid sleeping while you’re at work, studying or driving and look calm. It’s tempting to reach for a Redbull, coffee or tea to stay awake. But consuming too much caffeine is unpleasant and has dangerous side effects. It increases anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover it also causes insomnia which damages your mental health. Fortunately, there are some ways that help you to stay awake while working naturally. And let’s discuss how to avoid sleeping naturally.

How to avoid sleeping

Get a good sleep at night

The best way to avoid feeling sleepy all day is to have a good quality and quantity of sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep required for the well functioning of your body is the main reason you feel sleepy and restless. This restriction increases your desire to sleep and could cause you to fall asleep at the wrong time. If you face difficulty in getting enough sleep, consult a doctor.

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Get up and keep moving

If you find trouble while doing some work, alternate your activities. Researches have proved that taking a few minutes breaks while working or studying or walking for 15 minutes helps you to stay awake. In addition, it also boosts your energy and improves your performance. 

Turn up the light

A room with dim light is more likely to cause fatigueness and make you feel sleepy. Exposure to bright light improves concentration and increases alertness. Try to increase the intensity of the light source in your room.

Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration causes sleepiness and fatigue. It drains your energy and affects your brain power.  In addition, many researches have proved that dehydration impairs short term memory, concentration and alertness.

Have a healthy snacks

Sugary snacks and junk foods can increase your blood sugar level and then crash, leaving you fatigue. On the other hand, eating too much makes you feel sleepy and dozing. Have some snacks that provide you better overall energy in the long run. Examples are peanut butter, yoghurts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you’re driving, pull over when sleepy

Sleeping while driving can be very dangerous. If you feel sleepy, take breaks in between and walk for a few minutes. You can listen to some humorous podcasts because it is impossible to sleep while laughing. Sleep well before you plan to drive for long distances.

Sit in upright posture

It is tempting to get comfortable while working or studying, but it won’t help to stay awake. Lying down tends to make your brain more lazy and make you fall asleep. So, in order to stay awake, sit in an upright posture as it increases your alertness of the brain. 

Have a watch on your caffeine intake

Caffeine is an excellent and inexpensive way to boost alertness. Having coffee, hot chocolates or tea makes you stay awake. But it can be addictive and later causes many side effects. 

Take medications as the last options

The last option should be stimulants, prescribed medications. If you continue to feel sleepy when you are supposed to be alert, you should immediately consult the doctor. Sleep disorder can cause severe problems to your body and mind.

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