How to approach to a girl you admire or love?

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Approaching someone for the first time you admire or like is a difficult task. And in case of approaching a girl, then the difficulty level increases. You saw her sitting alone and now you’re stuck on how to approach her in desire to start a sweet conversation. Perfect approach creates a good impression  on her mind regarding you and your personality. But the question is how to make the approach perfect? Well, we have the solution to all your problems. This article is all about: How to approach to a girl you admire or love.

How to approach to a girl

Take your time to observe her

Remember, time is an essential key and it can make a difference between a successful and failed approach. Observe her if she is ready to have a conversation.

  • Do approach her if she seems to be in a happy mood or relaxed.
  • Do approach her if she passes several glances
  •  Don’t approach her if her mood is not good and she is upset.
  • Don’t approach her if she is distracted like talking to someone on mobile or have headphones on.

Keep an eye contact and a smile

While talking to someone, maintaining eye contact shows your confidence. Moreover, it gives a sense of closeness. This also establishes a sense of trust in the mind of the girl you are talking with which makes her willing to talk to you. Keep smiling so that you don’t look creepy.

Start a conversion

So, you have made eye contact and maybe she has too. Start a conversation with the topic which  connects you both. Make sure your conversation is interesting and engaging. Your aim is to connect with her on an emotional level and create an instant attraction. 

How to start a conversion?

This is the most difficult part. You need to start your conversation in such a way that you don’t look clumsy. Well here is some ways:

  • Direct talk: This means you can talk to her by introducing yourself directly. You won’t have to search for a reason or excuses to talk to her. Like just ask, “ Hey this is John, do you mind if I join you?”. 
  • Compliment her: Starting your conversion with a compliment sets a positive interaction. However, keep in mind that the compliment is to be well received, genuine and not too personal in the early stage. 
  • Ask for help: You can ask for help and start a conversation after she responds. You can ask,”Hey, do you know where I can get good coffee?”.
  • Start with some humor: You can start your conversation with some humor to lighten the mood. But make sure you have something really funny to say. 

Get her social media id or number

You can get her social media id or number so that you both can talk later too. Avoid asking directly for a number or address as it seems too forcing. Ask in a polite yet interesting way which shows your desperation to want to talk to her. 

Plan a way to meet or chat again

Once you get her number, don’t just end the conversation and run off to celebrate. While you seem to be ending, plan for a meet up. This is too simple. You can just send her things related to the topic you have talked about or ask” Would you like to join me at CCD”.

Approaching a girl can be made easy if you have the right tips and tricks. Well, here we have tried to include all the important steps which helps you to achieve your goals.

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Finally I know how to do it. Tomorrow I’m gonna ask her out 🤩

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