Benefits of chocolates

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Do you love eating chocolates everyday like me? If it is so then, now you have many excuses to do so. Chocolates are being avoided by many people because it is associated with weight gain and acne. But recent research shows that chocolates can benefit your body in many ways. Chocolates are made up of tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. Now, chocolates have become a popular food product that millions of us enjoy and all thanks to its unique, rich and sweet taste. Moreover, here are some benefits of chocolates that you get with this delicious treat.

Benefits of chocolates

Reduces cholesterol level

Chocolates contain a chemical called flavonoids which reduces LDL cholesterol , another name for bad cholesterol. Moreover, it significantly increases HDL cholesterol, which is another name of Good cholesterol.

Heart health

Many researches show that chocolates reduce the risks of several heart diseases. Having dark chocolates instead of normal ones reduces the risk of heart attacks to 37%.

Improve your memory

Studies have shown that having chocolates improves the memory and functionality of the brain in elderly people. Moreover, it helps to keep the brain healthy. 

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Avoid sunburn

Chocolates boast a lot of antioxidants in our body in the form of phenols and catechins. Antioxidants help protect our body from sunburn and skin cancers.

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Improve your mood

Chocolates contain an amino acid called tryptophan. Your brain uses tryptophan to produce a feel good chemical serotonin. Serotonin is known to increase the feeling of overall happiness.

Helps in your workout

Chocolates have another magical chemical called epicatechin. It helps you to get the best of your workout. But having chocolates in excess can undo the benefits.

Nutrition values 

Chocolates are rich in nutritions. Chocolates with high cocoa content( 75%-85%) have all your RDA for copper and manganese. It contains iron, zinc and potassium too. Moreover, it has about 10% of fiber.

It reduces period cramps

It is seen that chocolates are the major craving for women in periods. Chocolates contains magnesium which relaxes the muscles and eases aches. Moreover, it increases the production of endorphins which helps them feel happier. 

Relieve inflammation

Chronic inflammation can damage cells and tissues and increases the risk of several diseases and types of cancers. Chocolates can provide an anti-inflammatory effect throughout your body.

Lowers blood pressure

A new Harvard study says that eating chocolates lowers the blood pressure for the people with hypertension. Dark and unsweetened chocolates with higher proportions of cocoa contain more flavonoids. 

Have you ever thought that the chocolates that were avoided to have a healthy body is itself a treasure of benefits with its amazing taste? It not only keeps your body healthy by controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and ensuring the health of the heart but also improves our mental health. It reduces stress and depressing thoughts by increasing the production of endorphins. However, excess of anything is harmful. Make sure you consume chocolates in limit as it increases the sugar level in blood. Moreover, it’s excess leads to weight gain and skin related problems.

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