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Inquisitor is a blog that is run by a group of friends who are curious and passionate about writing in their specific domains. Our aim is to provide useful, informative, and user-friendly content to people of almost all categories. At inquisitor, we provide the latest updates about technology, trips and trick about fashion and traveling, financial knowledge, and Case study of successful startups, and Entrepreneurs.

Besides this, you will get information regarding health care, with review and update of the web series and movies on various OTT platforms. A famous quote saying —“Reading is an intelligent way of having not to think”. Isn’t it right?

Are you a movie or web series bug, tech lover, Peripatetic, future entrepreneur, health-conscious?

If Yes, then this is the perfect place for you!

Our Team

Manish Thakur

I grew up in northern India and spent my whole childhood in Punjab and now I’m a software engineer guy who’s into Artificial intelligence. My curiosity about researching in various fields is since my childhood and I made it one of my good habits. Thus I ended this by starting a blog that you’re reading now.

I found some like-minded friends in my college and team up with them and they all are Chief content writers here on Inquisitor.

Dive into my world of fantasy:-

Satyam Kumar

I’m Satyam Kumar. Probably my name is common but I’m not. But like my friends you can call me Satya! Yeah, I know it’s quick to pronounce. I’m a software engineer guy who’s into development. Besides, coding and sketching, my passion and curiosity about the growing planet of technology made me work with Inquisitor.

Working with Inquisitor made me feel like talking to a reader.

Join tech zone of mine!

Sukhwinder Yadav

I’m Sukhwinder Yadav, yeah! I know it’s quite difficult to pronounce. But you can call me Sukhi! I’m a software engineer guy who’s into machine learning. My friends call me peripatetic as I love to travel. My desire of traveling raises up whenever I see any adventurous movie.

My passion for traveling makes me work with Inquisitor where I feel like I’m literally traveling with the audience, previously I used to do with my friends. 

Join the peaceful world of mine:-

Varsha Gupta

I’m Varsha Gupta, a software engineer student who’s quite conscious about health since her childhood. I probably not the best coder but definitely a better consultant. My friends usually call me an imposter as I always take care of my body in all possible ways. Thanks to my awesome writing skills and my consciousness about health that made me work with Inquisitor. 

Working with Inquisitor is an awesome experience for me, sharing tips and tricks to keep one’s body healthy is just like adding some value to one’s life.

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Surya Pratap

I’m Surya Pratap, the name may refer to someone with aggressive nature but I’m as cool as ice. I am pursuing my undergrad from the Btech-CSE branch. My friends call me web series bug and yes I can watch Netflix 24*7. The love and attraction towards movies and web series since my childhood.

My attraction towards movies and web series made me work with Inquisitor where I share my views about various movies and web series on OTT platforms.

Looking forward to hearing from you at: